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Challenge/Response Labs Open Source Software

Name Current version Description
NoNox Intrusion Detection and Response 1.17 of Nov. 27, 2005 NoNox helps automate the defense of Internet servers against attacks such as massive dictionary attacks aimed at root. NoNox monitors log files for user-specified trigger patterns. When a pattern is seen enough times in a given file within a given period of time, NoNox will execute a command. The patterns, time limits, files to watch, and commands are all user-specified.

For example, if NoNox sees too many failed login attempts from one IP address, it could execute a command that tells a firewall to drop packets from that host, instantly cutting off the attacker.

SoftwareUpdate Java class 1.01 of July 7, 2006 This modest little class calculates platform-specific paths to downloads, and checks version numbers. It assists with determining whether an app needs an update, and calculates a URL for the update, including detection of the platform it's running on. It can be used in conjunction with any download/update process, and is a helper to make it easy to set up the files in a uniform fashion, and find them, with consideration that versions for different platforms may not be released simultaneously. In conjunction with the pre-update process, it can also retrieve a README file to show to a user before they approve/deny the update.
Packaged with JavaDoc and source in the JAR.
Challenge/Response, LLC creates security and privacy software to support safe, private e-commerce transactions and to detect and reduce online fraud.